Aside from our great templates and extensions, we decided to put our dedicated and talented web developers to some extra work in order to offer a couple of new development services aimed to help our clients make the best out of their Joomla! and web related projects !

1What do we offer ?

We would love to help you with (but not limited to) one of the following:

  • Installing and configuring your Joomla! instance / quickstart on a live server
    1. On a server with cPanel (or similar)
    2. On a server with SSH access
    3. On a server that requires enabling and configuring live instances (Amazon EC2, MS Azure or similar)
  • Applying custom functional modifs to one of our modules or templates
  • Applying custom visual modifs to one of our modules or templates
  • Creating a custom Joomla! component / module / plugin / template
  • Creating a custom non-Joomla! web application, mobile application or API

2What recommends us ?

We are a team of passionate and dedicated web developers with more than a decade of crafting quality code !

The success of both our free and commercial products advocates our skills but the best thing is, if you are still in doubt, you can always try one of our products and evaluate our work for yourself !

3What about our prices ?

The bad news is: we don't have fixed prices for our services. The good news is: we don't have fixed prices for our services !

Even if this means you will need to first send us an initial enquiry, this philosophy will also allow us to analyze each case individually and offer our clients the most affordable and practical solution.

We love helping small businesses and startups grow and reach their full online potential. We understand their needs and limitations and we always try to come up with the best coding approaches to fit any type of budget.

4How will this work ?

The process is quite simple:

  • You need to CONTACT US with an initial enquiry, describing your custom request / project.
  • Your enquiry will be assigned to one of our developers. He will analyze it and get back to you as quick as possible (usually, in max. 4-6h) with additional questions / clarifications (when needed).
  • You will receive a fixed price offer and an execution time.
  • If you will like our offer, an invoice and a contract will be generated and sent to you over e-mail. You will be able to pay it using paypal or by bank transfer.
  • If the ammount is smaller than 150 euros, you will need to pay it in full before the development can start. Otherwise, a custom payment plan can be discussed, according to your project and financial configuration.
  • During the development process, you will be able to keep in touch directly with the developer by e-mail or by skype (how cool is that ?!)
If you have any questions regarding the process or one of the steps decribed above, please feel free to contact us at any time !

The Joomla! name is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries. FavThemes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.