We released new versions for all our Joomla Templates and Joomla Modules:

  1. We applied a global FontAwesome 5 upgrade ! This might require for some content changes after the upgrade is done. Even if most of the icons will continue working, some of them have diffrent names (for example, the social media related ones). Also, some icons were excluded from the "Free" FontAwesome package. For more informations, please go here: https://fontawesome.com/icons
  2. All the quickstarts were upgraded to use Joomla! 3.8.10 and the latest version of HikaShop.
  3. Lots of small bugs were fixed
  4. The upgrade procedure for our Templates was greatly simplified. You no longer need to unistall your template and redo the parameters configs. The normal Joomla! upgrade process can be applied now, with some minor file backup/restore interventions. For more informations, please go here: https://www.favthemes.com/docs/faq/how-to-upgrade-to-the-latest-version
  5. For those of our clients with GDPR concerns, we published a set of tutorials that allows them to switch to an internal loading procedure of the Google Fonts library. For more informations, please go here: https://www.favthemes.com/docs/faq/how-to-use-google-fonts-locally-with-our-templates and https://www.favthemes.com/docs/faq/how-to-use-google-fonts-locally-with-our-extensions
  6. Also, if you want to switch to an internal loading procedure of the FontAwesome library, please go here: https://www.favthemes.com/docs/faq/how-to-use-font-awesome-locally-with-our-templates and https://www.favthemes.com/docs/faq/how-to-use-font-awesome-locally-with-our-extensions


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