We've been very busy for the last few months and this week we are proud to announce we have released a sack full of Joomla! goodies.

  1. We managed to code a brand new FRAMEWORK based on Bootstrap 3 and fully compatible with the new Hikashop 3.x familiy. The great news is we managed to customize the Bootstrap 3 Framework and make it run in a CSS and JavaScript "no conflict" mode. When needed, this will allow you to run two versions of Bootstrap at the same time: the FavThemes' Bootstrap 3 customized version and Joomla!'s default Bootstrap 2 implementation. How cool is that ?! Benefiting from Bootstrap 3 advanced responsive techniques and scripts without messing with any of your current internal or external extensions !
  2. On top of that, our new FRAMEWORK also contains a pack of very neat new parameters. For example:
    1. When needed, you can configure and display two totally diffrent menus that will display on the desktop and mobile layouts !
    2. The website layout can now be configured to be either wide or narrow !
    3. We added the possibility of building a wide range of custom module variations in a very intuitive and simple manner !
    4. We added the possibility of customizing the background type for each of the FRAMEWORK's individual module positions !
  3. We also designed two brand new beautiful themes: Storyteller and Basics. Both are based on this new Bootstrap 3 based FRAMEWORK !
  4. We have converted ALL our current extensions (both free and payed ones) to use this new Bootstrap 3 based FRAMEWORK of ours. So now, when you will download an extension package, you will have the possiblity to install and use the new Bootstrap 3 based version or the old Joomla!'s Bootstrap 2 based one.
  5. We added a very cool "masonry" feature to our FavPortfolio extension, to be used when you have images on diffrent heights and dimensions in order to obtain a very neat layout !

Now, what are you still waiting for ?! Browse our STORE, grab all these new goodies and start building or re-designing a stunning Joomla! based website !

The Joomla! name is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries. FavThemes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.