1. What are Joomla!'s module positions?

Joomla's module positions are preset content placers made available by the template. Each module position can be used to place a published Joomla! module, so the module positions can be used to create complex content layouts for modules.

2. What is a map for the module positions?

It's a view of all the module positions available for a template. To access the modules' positions map for our templates, see the FEATURES/MODULE POSITIONS page from the demo. Each one of our templates has:

  • 100+ module positions
  • a collapsible 6 column layout
  • color and image backgrounds

3. How to customize the module positions

The module positions can be customized using the LAYOUT tab from the template's settings. If the notice, copyright and slide are special module position blocks with very custom functions, the rest of the module positions can be used for any type of content.

Each of these module positions blocks (topbar, intro, lead, promo, prime, showcase, feature, focus, portfolio, screen, top, maintop, mainbottom, bottom, note, base, block, user and footer) have the same set of parameters.

To customize the module positions blocks, choose for each of them a background style, a background image, a background image style, a background image overlay, a background color, text color, title color, link color and link hover color.

FavThemes module positions customization

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