One of the new features of our Premium Joomla! templates is the option to add a subtitle to any module. Inside the module settings, just add the subtitle by separating the title and the subtitle with a "|" (pipe) character:

FavThemes tutorial for the module subtitle back-end

This feature will add a short description (subtitle) under the module title:

FavThemes tutorial for the module subtitle front-end

The subtitles can be further customized using the template settings, with custom parameters for the color, font size, line height, padding, Google Font family, Google Font weight, Google Font style, text align and text transform for the subtitles of the modules.

FavThemes tutorial for the module subtitle template settings

The module subtitle is an optional feature. If you do not want to use a subtitle, just use the module's title field without the "|" (pipe) character.

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