The template's settings are designed to help you customize the template for your project as quickly as possible. Find the template you downloaded from FavThemes in the STYLES tab of the Template Manager and access it. The template's settings look like this:

FavThemes tutorial for the template settings

This tutorial covers the general settings for our templates. For the settings available for a specific template, please see the DOCS page from the demo of that template.

1) Details

This tab is the presentation tab for the template and has a short description of the template, with links to the demo and documentation and a preview image.

2) Settings

This tab controls the general settings of the template, the ones that let you customize the main elements such as the color styles, the max width, the copyright info, the header, the main navigation, the component, the titles, the subtitles, the modules, the buttons, the products, the vertical menus, the horizontal menus, the back to top link, the error page and the offline page.

3) Layout

The layout tab targets the main layout elements such as body and module positions blocks: notice, topbar, slide, intro, lead, promo, prime, showcase, feature, focus, portfolio, screen, top, maintop, mainbottom, bottom, note, base, block, user and footer. Each one can be customized with background images and colors for the layout elements such as titles, text or links.

4) Logo

This tab was created to customize the 4 logo types supported by our templates: default, uploaded, text and retina logo. Each of them can be further customized with additional features such as slogan text, image alt, padding, margin or Google Fonts.

5) Mobile

Being a responsive product, the mobile behaviour of the template is a key element of the customization process. The tab for the mobile behaviour controls the style of the main navigation for mobile, the mobile submenu items, the mobile menu text, the mobile images and the mobile font size for an improved reading experience on mobile devices.

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