The MOBILE tab from the template's settings behaviour controls the style of the main navigation for mobile, the mobile images and the mobile font size for an improved reading experience on mobile devices. Being a responsive product, the mobile behaviour of the template is a key element of the customization process.

This tutorial covers the general settings for our templates. For the settings available for a specific template, please see the DOCS page from the demo of that template.

1) Mobile Navigation

FavThemes tutorial for the mobile tab navigation

Choose the light or dark version for the mobile navigation and if mobile menu button text should be displayed or not. If the mobile menu button text is displayed, insert the text you want displayed next to the mobile menu button.

2) Mobile Font Size

FavThemes tutorial for the mobile tab font size

For an improved reading experience on mobile devices, choose the font size and line height for the paragraph text and the font size for the titles.

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