1Backup your current template version changes

If you are using an older version of the template and want to upgrade to the latest version available for preview in the demo, before upgrading you must backup the changes you made to the template: backup any custom code changes you might have applied to any of the template's files (ideally, any custom css changes should have only been placed inside the template's custom.css file)

2Upgrade to the latest version of the template

After the backup is made, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. download the template again from MY ACCOUNT/MY DOWNLOADS or from the email with the download link
  2. install the latest version of the template using Joomla!'s default procedure
  3. reapply any custom code changes (if you only used the template's custom.css file, this is an easy step because you will only need to copy your old file over the current one)
We strongly recommend our clients to do all these changes on a test environemnt first and, if everything goes well, migrate them back to the live instance. Upgrading a template can prove to be quite tricky because, at least in our case, many of our upgrades contain changes of external core components (for example: a new Font Awesome version that might also require changing the definition of the content icons).
If you don't feel confident about what you need to do, please ask the help of a specialist or postpone the upgrade to a later date. Otherwise, if the upgrade is not done in a proper manner, your platform can end up being broken. Due to their technical nature, our products do not introduce security risks to your platform so none of our updates include security fixes. Worst case scenario, you will loose some new features but your platform will still be functional.

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