SIMPLE RESPONSIVE SLIDESHOW is a responsive Joomla! module that let's you upload up to 10 images to create a slideshow and customize each slide. Once the module is installed using the EXTENSION MANAGER, the slides need to be customized using the options of the module:


Each slide has a set of parameters:


1. Slide Location

The SLIDE LOCATION parameter is used to show the path for the slides. The default images are stored in the folder media/simple-responsive-slideshow. The initial path will be:


where 1.jpg can be changed with any other name used for the slide image.

If you don't want to upload the slide images via FTP, you can change the path to upload them using the Media Manager. The default path can be changed relative to the Joomla installation root folder. For example, if the slides are located in the images folder, the new path will be:

images/slide1.png or images/slide1.jpg

2. Slide Link

Use the SLIDE LINK parameter to insert the link for the slide image. Each slide can have only one link.

3. Slide Caption

The SLIDE CAPTION parameter is used to add a text message for the slide, either a title or a description.

4. Slide Image Alt

This parameter is used to improve the SEO and usability aspects of the slideshow by providing the required alt attribute that specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed.

SIMPLE RESPONSIVE SLIDESHOW is a responsive Joomla! module. This means that it has no fixed width and the maximum width of the module is the width of the module position containing the module and the slides.

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